Friday, December 4, 2009


The Jungle Girl is a rare sight these days, usually dredged up by perverted comic artists whose brushes lustily follow their every curve. Pappy's Golden Age Comics blog has been running tons of classic Jungle Girl comics, like this Camilla one here. You know them old rock videos like David Lee Roth's "Just a Gigolo?" where they take a Mel Brooks or is it Mad Magazine approach to the form & fill that sucker up with a million visual references? The Jungle Girl needs to be part of that. Also, gorillas, tribesman with the bone in their nose & anthropomorphic bananas.

Were the Ramones the last legitimate wavers of the Jungle Girl flag?

Here's some actual Sheena.

Here's Sheena's actress, Irish McCalla (aka German Von Shpatzle) showin' her stuff on the beach.


noyzboy said...

How 'bout Angelfood McSpade?


Crumb does a very weird reversal with her, Jungle Girl who is actually jungle! Hmmmm.