Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Apparently the Japanese are being fattened up in preparation for the REPTILLIAN HARVEST by McDonalds & Co, or maybe they are just discovering the wonder of burgers as high as an elephant's eye? Either way, the universal human impulse of creating enormous sandwiches has hit Japan with the MEGA MAC!!! It's not exactly NEW NEWS, but it's GOOD GNUS (or is it?) & IT'S GNU 2 ME!!! See, i was looking up the word MEGA to see if anyone was using it for a magazine & this damn MEGA MAC kept on coming up. Apparently the Japanese saw SUPER-SIZE ME & thought it was a commercial for MACUDONARLDSU.

Observe the astounding levels of burger stacking by Takeshi Fukuda
Also, according to their menu, McDonalds Japan serves hot dogs!


Will Buster said...

I love that the value meal, in addition to containing a bucket of soda and a case of fries, also comes with a load of chicken nuggets.


I just cleaned a load of chicken nuggets out of my son's diaper.