Friday, December 11, 2009

Book Review: The Life & Times of Little Richard

Little Richard by Charles White
I'm not much of a reviewer, i don't go into bizarre writing exercises to try & sell you on the quality of something. I'm more of a jingle-writer or an ad copy writer. Like the cover of the book says, "You Don't Know Rock & Roll Until You Know Little Richard!" "Little Richard is King" -Mick Jagger. The back continues with the adulation. The interior is a wild ride through the greased up fireball that is Little Richard's life. Wild & bizarre sexuality. Weird southern weirdness. Tutti Frutti-ness to the MAX! Little Richard basically invented Rock & Roll & not unlike the Ramones or the Sex Pistols, passed the inspiration to pretty much everyone who would matter in the world of Rock & Roll: Elvis, Buddy Holly, Paul McCartney, James Brown. His charged mix of bisexuality, Rock & Roll devil's music & Southern Black religious fervor would electro magnetize those around him. Look at his eyes! His hair!

His vocals on these early tracks are the pinnacle of Rock singing. Period.

Little Richard is pure America & pure Mondo Trasho.

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