Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorceror News: 'Sorcerer' faces imminent death in Saudi Arabia

By Sebastian Usher BBC News, London
The lawyer for a Lebanese man sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for witchcraft has appealed for international help to save him. Ali Sabat was the host of a popular Lebanese TV show in which he predicted the future and gave advice. He was arrested by religious police on sorcery charges while on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia in 2008. His lawyer, May el-Khansa, says she has been told Mr Sabat is due to be executed this week. Ms Khansa has contacted the Lebanese president and prime minister to appeal on his behalf. There has been no official confirmation from Saudi Arabia, but executions there are often carried out with little warning. Mr Sabat did make a confession, but Ms Khansa says he only did so because he had been told he could go back to Lebanon if he did. Human rights groups have accused the Saudis of "sanctioning a literal witch hunt by the religious police". An Egyptian working as a pharmacist in Saudi Arabia was executed in 2007 after having been found guilty of using sorcery to try to separate a married couple. There is no legal definition of witchcraft in Saudi Arabia, but horoscopes and fortune telling are condemned as un-Islamic. Nevertheless, there is still a big thirst for such services in the country where widespread superstition survives under the surface of strict religious orthodoxy.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Muscle Milk
Ultimate Hot Dog ピザパーティー
Barry Soetoro: Reptoid Menace!
Most of my art is being posted ONLINE on the Eaten By Ducks blog, or at my new MASTERTRONIC art blog, which features all the cool art i find on the onlines. My flickr account is the best place to find everything though.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I was watching videos of that awesome Japanese National Anarchist politician Toyama Koichi who gave the terrifying speech, & then followed some more links & found that the big Japanese Nationalist style is these propaganda vans. I love these things. I was immediately reminded of Public Enemy & also of the KLF with their ice cream van. I think GOBLINKO needs a propaganda van now.

Remember the brief "jeep" trend? What if those jeeps were actually these propaganda vans? I think Alex Jones should get on this. Put the bullhorns on a van man.

I forgot to mention Flavor Flav's denim trench-coat. 2010 FTW.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Pizza Party Prototype: Collexor

I'm going to start rolling out the prototypes of these ones pretty soon. Seeing how i like them. Notice on bottom left hand corner you can do the RO SHAM BO with them.


Video Store by It's Crazy Time.

My little brother Danny James & Doug Freedman are the two neurotic weirdos behind the comedic GENIUS of It's Crazy Time.

Friday, March 12, 2010

the majesty

the majesty, originally uploaded by NATO vs Warsaw.

Our hearts are swelling with pride as the universe opens wide. We, loyal legions of GOBLINKO prepare ourselves for our place in world history!


majesty, originally uploaded by NATO vs Warsaw.

By Stephen Messenger
King Penguins are notorious for their prim, tuxedoed appearance -- but a recently discovered all-black penguin seems unafraid to defy convention. In what has been described as a "one in a zillion kind of mutation," biologists say that the animal has lost control of its pigmentation, an occurrence that is extremely rare. Other than the penguin's monochromatic outfit, the animal appears to be perfectly healthy -- and then some. "Look at the size of those legs," said one scientist, "It's an absolute monster."

The under-dressed penguin was photographed by Andrew Evans of National Geographic on the island of South Georgia near Antarctica. As the picture circulated, some biologists were taken aback -- including Dr. Allan Baker of the University of Toronto. His first response was disbelief:
Wow. That looks so bizarre I can't even believe it. Wow.
While multicolored birds will often show some variation, Dr. Baker explains that what makes this all-black King Penguin so rare is that the bird's melanin deposits have occurred where they are typically not present -- enough so that no light feathers even checker the bird's normally white chest.

Andrew Evans:
Melanism is merely the dark pigmentation of skin, fur -- or in this case, feathers. The unique trait derives from increased melanin in the body. Genes may play a role, but so might other factors. While melanism is common in many different animal species (e.g., Washington D.C. is famous for its melanistic squirrels), the trait is extremely rare in penguins. All-black penguins are so rare there is practically no research on the subject -- biologists guess that perhaps one in every quarter million of penguins shows evidence of at least partial melanism, whereas the penguin we saw appears to be almost entirely (if not entirely) melanistic.
Whether or not the all-black look catches on in the penguin fashion world, it's nice to see someone dressing-down for once.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Goblinko stickers due to appear in vending machine in the soon.
sticker weirdo
sticker burger

Sunday, March 7, 2010