Saturday, December 5, 2009

Comical Comics

I'm into very specific kinds of comics. Stupid, old comics. I especially like Gold Key, Whitman & Dell comics, with the super bold covers of famous cartoon characters floating on bright, solid colors. I like Harvey comics featuring Richie Rich, Casper & Hot Stuff. I like Archie Comics in all their glorious forms. I don't even read the stories, i just flip through, read a couple jokes, look at the ads & appreciate the entirety of the package. When someone wants to talk comics i usually have no idea what they are talking about with their Red Hulks, Secret Wars & Infinity Gauntlets. Don't get me wrong, if & when i find old superhero comics in the quarter bins i buy them, i like all those guys with funny names in tights & capes. But the good bad old superhero comics are harder to come by around here. When i was a kid i got a huge box of 70s kid's comics from a friend's older sister. While i really wanted some old Ghost War Stories types of comics, all of the Little Lulus, Baby Hueys, Popeyes, Beetle Baileys & Sugar & Spikes really stuck to my brain. The ads were another revelation. Sea Monkeys. Charles Atlas' muscle building book. Johnson Smith novelties. Roach Designs t-shirts & embroidered patches by Gandalf. Monkeys by mail. Foreign stamps. Magic Crabs. If you're lucky some old Marvels have ads from Ed Roth's "Weirdo Pad". Another friend of mine had a box full of old Ghost War Stories that we'd read into the late hours when we were kids. The stories were so awesomely morbid & judgmental. "Sergeant Gerald ditched his squadron under fire & was ambushed by ghosts of war in an old abandoned farmhouse where the exact same thing had happened 25 years earlier." I believe in throw-away titles that secretly aren't throw aways. Devil Dinosaur. Madballs. When my boys are old enough, they'll have an enormous trunk completely full of old comics to read with their friends.

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