Monday, December 7, 2009

Conspiracy Theory

What could be more Mondo Trasho than Jesse Ventura hosting a Conspiracy Theory TV show? Professional Wrestling plus Conspiracy Theories= Gold. Conspiracy Theories occupy the same place that science fiction used to occupy: popular speculation. Because pulp science-fiction isn't being produced anymore, the best place to imagine what is actually going on based on limited information & following patterns is in the world of conspiracy theories. Now, alot of people will try to say that the word conspiracy brings the whole discussion down, or isn't useful, based on some sort of judgment that they have or what they imagine others have towards the information presented. Others (like world's driest political intellectual Noam Chomsky) believe that the entire idea of a "conspiracy" doesn't exist at all, & that no one meets in secret to plan the course of events. If you believe that, you haven't seen much of the world.

Jesse "The Body" Ventura shortly after arriving at the WWF.

Jesse Ventura on the Alex Jones show.

Alex Jones is the best of conspiracy oriented talk radio. His angle is a bit too idealistic & "true libertarian" for how i see the world working & human nature in general, BUT, it's a fantastic show & his information tends to be correct.
Jesse Ventura's new Conspiracy Theory TV show is on NOW. Check it out.


The Evil Eye said...

I recently decided that I'm not going to vote again until Jesse Ventura runs for president.


Sounds like a good policy to me Jake!