Wednesday, December 23, 2009

THE LOST, LOST RAP: Mario Bros Super Show!

The Lost, Lost Rap Returns! I got a disk of the Super Mario Bros Super Show for my sons this Hanuka & was transported back into the world of 1989. The rap on this intro is great. You can memorize it after just a couple listens which is the sign of a "good" rap or jingle or anything. Also, the cartoon is produced in America by DiC which is kind of surprising given they probably could've just converted a Japanese Mario cartoon (not sure if they had one by that time).

The end credits are awesome too featuring Captain Lou Albano (god rest his soul) 'DOIN' THE MARIO'.

The show enters into the classic language of kid's shows by having a cartoon hosted by live segments. Get a clue TV producer people! Here's Mario & Luigi with famous break-dancer Shabba Doo.

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