Wednesday, January 28, 2009


One of the central theories i'm developing here in the world of the GOBLINKO BRAIN STORM, is that ephemera & trash culture should transcend their trashiness & actually be hidden gateways into advanced levels of thinking. OR, that given the correct psychology, children or whoever can use the imaginary worlds of trash culture & ephemera to transcend the mundane existence that is constantly being pushed into our lives by parents, school teachers, bureaucrats, politicians & other weiners along those lines. A cereal box shouldn't just hold cereal, it should contain cultural elements that retain meaning for you for the rest of your life (because they will anyway). That's the second part of the argument, which is that once things are created, they are eternal. Therefore, shouldn't they be eternal in design? Shouldn't it be understood that you aren't just creating some kind of bullshit but a piece of human history & culture? Something that will last in one way or another FOR ETERNITY!?!?! Alot of this thinking comes from the way that parents approach children's trash culture. It's very easy to just give in to whatever spinal impulses are driving children to want to purchase the newest latest pieces of crap, & it's also easy to similarly dismiss what children consume as meaningless garbage, but the fact is, by taking the time to understand what the products are, trash culture can actually be very significant for kids. Initiated adults must be the gatekeepers & do their job correctly. So that stuff like this is let out of the gate! Whoever did the design work for Pac Man (Toru Iwatani), Donkey Kong (Shigeru Miyamoto), Super Mario Bros (Shigeru Miyamoto) & the Legend of Zelda (Shigeru Miyamoto) has a primal understanding of what people like. I applaud these lil' Japsters for their apparent love of humanity with gifts to us like these.

Taking the Nerds split packaging concept into the world of cereal was the Nintendo CEREAL SYSTEM. I'm not sure if it's just packaging enthusiasts like me, but i'm pretty sure that all kids like the packaging of Nerds & thus, the packaging of the Nintendo Cereal System. Also, calling your cereal a system is brazen & ballzy, even if it's just emulating the Nintendo Entertainment System, a cereal system is high conceptual logic & deserves recognition & probably emulation. I'm not eating breakfast, i'm eating a breakfast system! I'm organized & ready to go! I've got my octorok bowl, my triforce spoon, my mario cup with bowzer orange juice, i'm reading Nintendo Power #EARTHBOUND. I'm SET@!

While i like tanks, planes, bombs & guns just as much as the next guy, we would be much better served as a nation to use this ad agency in order to conquer our enemies. This might be the best ad i've seen EVER?!


mostyn said...

Good thoughts. It is hard to keep a balance betweek acceptance and dismissing this stuff. It may be easier for those of us like you and I who still love this crapola and still collect it. As an adult, I sure am grateful to have grown up with all these great things to distract me. When I did my thesis project it was that conclusion that inspired me. The monster, sci fi crap that was everywhere was what helped me and my friends in many cases deal with the hum drumness and the scariness of life in a shiney happy disfunctional suburban nightmare.
Peace. Mostyn

Buddha said...

First, I watched a documentary a while back about the history of video games and Toru Iwatani was explaining how his inspiration for Pac-Man came from his belief that early video games needed a hero or protagonist and his other inspiration, a pizza with a slice missing!! I loved his explanation and how Americans needed cuter heroes.
Second, I always eat my breakfast cereal with a Tony the Tiger bowl and spoon, the bowl has disappeared since my last move or two. But I'm a bit obsessive about my spoon!!