Saturday, January 3, 2009


My little brother Danny James made up this rap called "The Lost Lost Rap", about a rap that had been lost when we were drawing comics in Lake Merritt park smokin' some bammer many years ago. The concept quickly developed into the idea that there are "Lost Raps" which must be unearthed & decoded for their esoteric knowledge. I loved Rap when it came out & for about ten years or so until it became what it is today. Market-saturated, pervasive, boring & boring. So, when something loses all meaning & relevance like Rap or Black slang has, it actually transcends culture & time & becomes something new. It can become something universal & something amazing. This Fruity Pebbles commercial proves my point, by introducing the word "Fruit-a-rooty". So, enjoy this new feature of BRAIN STORM: THE LOST LOST RAP. Speaking of which, my central New Year's Resolution was to more effectively blog, so i'm concentrating on BRAIN STORM as my central blog & creating some features & trying to get a post up here every day. You can reciprocate by commenting more often & becoming a FOLLOWER of DER BRAIN STORM! Happy New Year.


ULAND said...

Yeah, good stuff. When you say "decode the meaning", is it like you've dug up these things that have lost all relevance - made up words that have been forgotten- and you need to give them new meaning?

I love the blog, by the way. I think it could really take off.

Mr. Sean said...

Thanks! My standing theory is that everything is culture & everything lasts forever, or CAN last forever, even totally inane bullshit like this Fruity Pebbles commercial. The internet has really increased what was already happening with other mass media & being able to go back & see what people had done before. This neon trash art is the culmination of all this crap piling on top of itself & becoming reality instead of post-modernism, it's like the oroboros (better spelling than actual way). Sarcasm & irony are becoming sincerity or at least reality. History is piling up on itself instead of disappearing. The fact is, i use the word FRUITAROOTI all the time, but not as a positive term.