Friday, January 9, 2009



In the future, when we're living in space ships or space colonies or underground or whatever, eating animals will become a very rarified delicacy for those that can afford it, while most people will be eating vat-grown protein from a variety of genetically modified sources. This is just the inevitable truth, & in the spirit of this, i invented BIO-BURGER. It competes with BURGER PUPPET & is owned by the same MEGA-CORP that owns UNCLE CHEEZY'S PIZZA. The recent news about violence at Chuck E. Cheese's has been really exciting to me. It unfortunately isn't about PIZZA GANGS, but seems to be about the tension produced by family's having birthday outings & losing it. My mom always hated the place, but i love the overwhelmtion of it all.

ALSO, on the relevance of CUBE. "Cube symolises the 80's,since it's been used as a symbol by advertisements, games just think about "Rubiks Cube".In addition,there's coming a new TV system called "Cube System",which makes possible to watch foreign tv cahnels and programs in Italy. So Cube is a synthesis of every kind of things."

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