Thursday, January 15, 2009


"You ask me did I like Arsenio? About as much as the bicentennial." Ice Cube has written alot of my favorite rhymes & this is the most amazing just in terms of seeming non-sequiturs & near nonsense. I'm wondering how the hell he came up with it! More importantly, it's always in my head, probably pops up once a week (what is wrong with me!? NO, ICE CUBE SHOULD BE WRITING ADVERTISING JINGLES!) Anyhow, welcome to a new mini-feature of THE LOST LOST RAP: RHYMING DICTIONARY.

From the track: Ice Cube: THE N*GGA YOU LOVE TO HATE from the album AMERIKKKA'S MOST WANTED. Great record by the way, one of the best RAP albums of all time. Get it if you don't have it.

I think i was mentioning the whole Hip House thing earlier. Technotronic are an obvious & pervasive force in that style. More on this later.


Buddha said...

Ice Cube has always been one of my favorite rappers especailly his earliest stuff!! Like Death Certificate and Amerikkas Most Wanted. Kind of funny how kids nowadays think of him more as an actor in kids movies at that!

It makes you wonder where do all the old rappers go? Oh yeah, HOLLYWOOD!!!

Mr. Sean said...

Totally dude. Me & Katie did a whole piece called "RAPPERS ARE ACTORS" where we reviewed EVERY Ice Cube movie made up to... i think we wrote it in 2001 or so. Then we watched EVERY Ice T movie. Ice T has been in many worse movies i tell you what. Both are great at what they do. If they could tap dance & host TV shows they'd be on par with the Vaudeville guys. But THEY ARE TOO TOUGH TO DANCE.