Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Runnin' down the street gotta Squeezit in your hand. BUCKWHEAT. REBEL WITHOUT A SOUL! I taped this song off the radio in 1990 or so, never taped over it because of the sheer HIGH IMPACT NOVELTY VALUE of this LOST LOST RAP. I don't even know if the lyrics are about Squeezits, or squeegees, which would make more sense, but as far as i'm concerned, the image of Buckwheat running through the streets with a Squeezit is way more golden. Anyhow, the whole category of dance music with rap is largely over-looked these days, & might be part of the LOST LOST RAP milieu. I can't find much info on Unity 2, except that they were/are members of THE TOASTERS & had a bigger hit with Shirlee. Shirlee reveals the mystery of the ubiquitous dancehall rap thing in late 80s/early 90s songs. I just emailed Sean Cavo from Unity 2, maybe we'll clear up the whole Squeezit issue...

& here it is!

"Hey Sean...yeah, it was squeegee, as the song was about a friend of ours who became a crackhead. And yeah, we came out of the Toasters in '89 and signed with warners. Lionel and I were already known as The Unity 2 when we were fronting the Toasters (since '85). I was singer and songwriter on many of the songs from Skaboom and Thrill me Up LPs. The Buckwheat version that blew up in dance clubs was a remix by Steve Silk Hurley, and the album version is much different. We weren't really a 'dance' group, but the label wanted that remix done and it worked. Unity 2 was a 7 piece band with a DJ scratching - I think the first lineup like that ever!
Hope that helps dude. Peace, Cavo."

My gradeschool banned Squeezits for being "TOO AWESOME", something that most schools do after getting a clue about a trend. "They like it too much, let's get rid of it." Consider it cleared.


glennerdj said...

I can't find this song, can you still get it?

Picsy Misty said...

I taped it off the radio back in the early 90s too!

So awesome♥

Jeremy Toaster said...

Hey Sean,

Jeremy here, I run The Toasters record label. I have quite a few of the Unity 2's releases, including a Maxi Single that has 5 versions of this song. Give me a shout if you would like copies, I'm sure Cavo wouldn't mind ;)


Trish Saintelus said...

I have been searching for this for YEARS! Wish it would be released again and show up on Spotify. Only ever heard it in the clubs back in the early 90's. I would just about fly out onto the dance floor when this came on.

Deazy Andriani said...

Would you like to write the lyric for me? Coz I searching everywhere but couldn't find it..