Monday, January 12, 2009


banana gang
Q. What would you call two banana peels?
A. A pair of slippers.

Q. Have you heard about the new president Barack Banana?
A. Yes, word on the street is he has a peel.

Let's take a look at the concept of BANANA. There's something about it. Something optimistic. Something YELLOW. Something BANANA. Something exotic yet as ordinary as can be. Are they from outer space? BANANAS are ENERGETIC! BANANAS ARE VIRILE & MASCULINE, YET, STRANGELY FEMININE (yellow)! Bananas are considerate, because they come pre-wrapped, yet, the wrapper is the number one culprit for slipping on the street.

I think BANANARAMA were part of an early interest i had called "pile of girls". This was initially inspired by the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun vid (Cyndi Lauper), then went on to BANANARAMA, not sure if i was actually attracted to them, but regardless, BANANAS, & later would transfer to the SPICE GIRLS, who were just plain glorious, yet ordinary, much like the BANANAS, which come in a BUNCH.

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andy said...

Nice stuff Sean is this going to be used as Fodder for a Zine? You and Katie put together one on Oranges a few years ago right? That was quality as well. Two banana related thoughts first why is all banana flavored candy such as laffy taffy so awful? Second traveling carnivals used to give stuffed fur covered bananas as prizes why???

Katie said...

Mr. Sean said...

Thanks Andy. This is kind of like my way of directing the inspiration message of Goblinko to people who are working with us or trying to understand the whole f*ckin' JINNASAYQWAH!? The stuffed bananas rule, i've got one right here, won from Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk being held by my Donkey Kong stuffed critter. I hated banana flavored candy when i was a kid, but have only recently realized that it is actually awesome. Katie, banana reich.