Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Would You Make It With a Frankenstein?

Frankenstein was one of the first movies i ever saw & definitely the first one where terrible things happened to innocent characters. The monster accidentally drowning the girl, the monster being burned alive in the windmill, left very strong & emotional impressions in my young mind. At that time, my central heroes were Animal from the Muppet Show, Lou Ferrigno's Incredible Hulk & Popeye. There wasn't enough kid oriented Frankenstein stuff around for me to really obsess over him. The Munsters & the Groovie Goolies weren't on TV anymore neither!
Frankenstein, 1931

Bride of Frankenstein really brings the whole Frankenstein thing into totality. While alot of people interpret the Frankenstein story as having something to do with man fooling around with the power of God & what happens if you do that sort of thing, my gut tells me that since the whole story is written by a woman, Frankenstein is actually about giving birth to an ordinary human child & the feelings of powerlessness & revulsion that can arise from a depressive control freak witnessing your standard things in life. Frankenstein is on his own & must go up against "the community" who decide that he is not fit for living.
Bride of Frankenstein, 1935

I have an almost subconscious theory about the USA & Frankenstein's Monster as well.
New York Dolls, Frankenstein

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