Friday, October 9, 2009


The Screaming Skull
Genuinely freaky ghost story about a young newlywed couple & a dead ex-wife & insanity & a SCREAMING SKULL! Also features a creepy retarded groundskeeper for added scariness. Holds up completely.

The Last Man on Earth
Vincent Price stars in the first adaptation of the story "I am Legend" which later becomes The Omega Man & "I Am Legend" with Will Smith. This is probably the best version of this story of a world infected with viral born vampirism & the trying, lonely life of a man who must fight for survival & normalcy every day.

The House on Haunted Hill
Vincent Price stars as an eccentric millionaire who has a sleepover in his haunted mansion on the hill. Whoever stays the whole night (alive) wins a big stack of money! Scariness ensues. Features a walking skeleton & a pit filled with acid in the basement. Not to be missed.

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