Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iggy Pop's Jacket

You know that tough-ass jacket Iggy Pop is wearing on the back of the Raw Power sleeve? You know, the one with the scary looking leopard? It was made by these characters called Wonder Workshop & sold through the legendary Paradise Garage & was only one of five ever made! Anyhow, so the jacket is made famous on the Iggy sleeve & then made famouser to me by being worn by Stan Lee of the Dickies in this photo that was the only photo i'd ever seen of the Dickies AND the first place i saw the jacket appear. Stan Lee got it from a dope dealer who had gotten it from Iggy Pop.

Amyhow, i became obsessed with that leopard face the first time i saw it because it's just dead powerful, like the famous shot of Karloff as Frankenstein or a Mickey Mouse face or Bettie Page's smile or Iron Maiden's Eddie or whatever. Super tough.

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