Thursday, October 1, 2009

Let IT Begin!

I have a running theory about the Addam's Family & the Munsters & monsters & America in general. Centrally it's that America & Americans are akin to Frankenstein's Monster, who i want to call Frankenstein, but have equally conflicting voices discussing the matter in my head. America was created out of a hodge-podge of parts, sewn together, saturated with alchemical weirdness, maybe accidentally given the brain of a criminal & then shocked to life with electricity. Its Mad Scientist creator freaks out at his creation, as does the rest of the world & they spend the rest of their time trying to kill the Monster, America. In this way, we are also King Kong & we are Godzilla, who despite being Japanese, is probably a physical embodiment of America constantly rampaging all over Japan, who initially thinks Godzilla is an enemy, but soon becomes a hero to Japan. In the Munsters & the Addams Family we have what are essentially total eccentrics & bohemians who are disguised as Monsters. They are shunned by the judgmental & conformist Americans who don't understand the reality of the real American dream, & want peace & quiet & conformity, when the real America is about sticking your finger in a light socket, drinking potions made out of speed & cyanide, firing up all the engines & gunning that sucker through the 6th dimension! PEDAL TO THE METAL! FULL SPEED AHEAD! DON'T LOOK BACK!
The Addam's Family

To prove my point, the Munsters have not one, but TWO hot-rods.
The Munsters

This show gives me a head-ache, like alot of Filmation's cartoons, i think they put some kind of weird patterns or audio signals in their shit. The Jackson 5 cartoon used to really mess me up. Still, bubblegum monster joke show, how can you go wrong?
The Groovy Ghoulies

Spin-off of Danger Mouse, Count Duckula takes us back to the mother country & the peasants aren't any more pleasant there either.
Count Duckula

More coming up!

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