Friday, March 20, 2009


Pawg Dawg II from pARTy house on Vimeo.
The Pog Rap from Street Carnage. I declared a while ago that pogs should come back & what do you know, it's happened. It's really just the simple math of trend cycling, but pogs still haven't actually come back. They have to be in the real world, not just on the internet. Anyhow, in a depression, it's my theory that kids won't be able to afford video games anymore so they'll start buying cards, comics & pogs again. Cheap ass paper shit.

Mike's Digital Pog Page. Pretty weird & crazy. Apparently the concept came up way back in 2006, so the pog is having a hard time erupting from its trend slumber. A quick look in the google for "pog comeback" shows people calling for the comeback as early as 2005. Anyhow, regardless of whether they pick up again & kids want to play them, i can see pogs becoming a weird kind of art "calling coin" & way to spread information. So now all i have to do is find a manufacturer & get the show on the road.

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