Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bat Cave Bananas

There's this fantastic photo of Nik Fiend with the big inflatable banana that i haven't been able to find! But, i thought it was important in the banana cultural treatise. Alien Sex Fiend represent the best of Goth, most of which is totally lame. Musically, they're a bit underwhelming for me, but as an complete package, they're great. Just great. Them & the Specimen, both Bat Cave features. Siouxsie too.

Also, why not put on some make-up & have lunch with the Specimen. You see, being in Specimen is not unlike "being a faggot". ha ha. If you don't own their first record "Batastrophe" you should pick it up, it's pure Goth Glam Rock excellence. One of my top 100 records for sure.

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