Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hip House is a truly lost, lost rap form. I was crazy into it back in the days of 1988. Especially when you had a mix that would run from acid house/early techno to hip house, something about the acid electro noise with the house piano with some stupid rap on top of it still gets me. We had a KORG M1 at the time & i learned how to play all the different parts of the songs... my entire family plays piano, most of them professionally & i seem to only be able to make techno songs, can't actually play for shit. Man, you could throw in some KLF, Edelweiss, even some of that German EBM shit & you've got the ultimate in 1988 Megamixin'.

ROCK DA HOUSE - The Beatmasters with the Cookie Crew

Hip House documentary. & house music was born. What this doesn't talk about, is how i actually made the first hip house record called "Bass House".

It Takes 2 - Rob Base & DJ EZ ROCK

Join in the Chant - Nitzer Ebb EBM is a Lost, Lost Rap all in its own. But look, we used to listen to all of this stuff together in the mix & it blended together. That's the whole concept of the good MEGAMIX & before all of these weird subgenres were taken even remotely seriously (not to imply that they are now, but they are way more distinctified), so i'd argue that if you match the beats, Nitzer Ebb works just fine along side with all of this Hip House, this is basically a rap on top of here anyhow.

Headhunter by Front 242 Same thing. Came out in 1988, how is this not a rap over house music?

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