Thursday, February 12, 2009


The research conducted here at Goblinko's BRAIN STORM has resulted in the creation of the new art project of UZI REPTOID. The UZI REPTOID is going to be exploring more abstract & psychedelic interpreting late 80s America, 16 bit video game, gangster rap, hair metal, acid house, extreme junk food, & trash occult/sci-fi paranoid schizophrenia, as projected into the future.

These heads were part of what initially triggered this whole concept. Mullet with lines will eventually become a standard hair-style, non ironically, of the true White Man. I already tell kids to not make fun of the mullet, because it's racist against white people. I'm not going to feel truly free until we get our first token white guy who listened to gangster rap & acid house in 1988, likes street fighting 16 bit video games, quotes Judge Dredd, neon Idaho, can understand what "Extreme Nachos Style" means & has a mullet with lines. That would be real Hope i can Change into.

We're working on the second large scale GOBLINKO art exhibit right now, this is an initial concept sketch of the direction we are going in.
uzi reptoid battler

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