Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Uzi Reptoid Sketchbook Animated
We humans have developed a trick that can identify a serpent person immediately; the guards in the human cities and fortifications required all those entering to pronounce the word KININIGIN. It is a serpent person's undoing, for that word 'could only be pronounced by human vocal cords.' There are other words of course.

"In a lush kingdom that is now the Gobi Desert, however, there lived at that time a blond, blue-eyed race of humans who had developed a super-weapon to use against the Serpent People, a weapon so powerful they did not know its full potential. But
they pointed it at the land of the Serpent People and set it off, unleashing a catastrophe that almost destroyed the world. 'The earth toppled to one side,' Doreal wrote, 'came out of balance, began to wobble and as it did so, great volcanoes broke,
mountains were pushed up, and other land masses sank beneath the waters.' The Serpent People (REPTOIDS) were wiped out. Those at home in Antarctica quickly froze to death, for they suddenly found themselves at the South Pole; the few remaining in other parts of the world were slaughtered by the more numerous remnants of the human race. There are rumors of frozen Reptoids being unearthed or uniced in the antarctic by scientists.

Meanwhile, in the now & today.

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