Saturday, February 7, 2009


I used to see the box of this movie at our totally 80s video store all the time when i was a kid & i never rented it, thus, i am semi obsessed with the idea of this movie, but i'm pretty sure it's not tight. Sort of like the box for Suburbia, which makes it look like it's all futuristic Punk, when it's about as retro-Punk as you can get. I stole this awesome photo of neon 1980s squirt guns from Narangkar's Tales from the Junk Store blog. I of course had to animate it & name it Future Kill. This is the TV show that Robocops watch while eating florescent green nachos out of a bucket. Which is awesome. If you like junk was much as i do, you'll like this blog & her husband Pete's whole oeuvre. They also live in our old apartment & run a cool gallery called Rowan Morrison. (who's Rowan Morrison?)

future kill animated

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