Saturday, February 20, 2010


From his blog, "THE WARRIOR'S MACHETE".
"My name is Warrior. I live by a warrior philosophy of life conceived by unique physical life experiences, serious introspection, and many years of enlightened self-study. My Creator endowed me with naturally high testosterone levels, unusual self-discipline, stalwart refusal to compromise right with wrong, and a very low tolerance for hypocrites, liars, enablers, piecemeal practice of principle, emasculated males, political-correctness, and oppressive, anti-freedom caca that doesn’t work in the private backyard of my own individual life. I am a “Being” Created with the ability to judge, so I do. I am a male also inspired by men who have held greater ideals and have done much greater things than any of us who are living today."
"Without apology, regret or remorse, Warrior’s Machete provides lean, muscular wisdom without fat or wiggle(room) and holds ALL human beings and their ideas and their actions to a classical, times-past standard of heroism, responsibility, integrity and commonsense, and brave, bold, stout manliness." MAKES YOU WANT TO READ IT YEAH?

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