Friday, February 19, 2010


Pedro Bell on Chica-Go-Go. "Operational Crazoid From Day One." Notice Pedro Bell's denim trench coat, which is part of the EXTREME 2010 FASHION PREDICTION!!!!! There was this older bi-sexual P-Funked out black dude in my screen printing class at Laney College years ago who was also rocking a denim trench-coat, hand painted all that. The trench-coat gets a bad rap because it is worn by alot of kids who want to hide from the outside world, in the trench-coat, but at the same time, they end up standing out. I will now admit to having worn a BRIGHT PURPLE TRENCH COAT for most of my freshman year of highschool. This was not to disappear, i just loved that shit, this is before i realized that i have the same birthday as PRINCE. I also had a MULLET WITH LINES at the same time as this. EXTREME!!!

You know who also rocks the denim trench coat? THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR. I can't find a good clip of it right now, but... Here is Arsenio Hall meeting the Ultimate Warrior. EXTREEEEEMEME!!!!

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