Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Psycotic Pineapple

psycotic pineapple

I used to have a crazy looking pineapple pencil topper when i was in elementary school. It was part of a set of other pencil toppers including a corn cob & an apple. Anyhow, it was very surprising to me when i was walking around Berkeley some time in the 80s & saw a show flier with the same pineapple pencil topper on it, with the name PSYCOTIC PINEAPPLE. This connection & the great art from the band's bass player John Seabury create the obscure ephemeral feeling i am obsessed with.

Psycotic Pineapple are still around in some form or another as PYNOMAN.
Here's a bunch of Psycotic Pineapple gig posters.
You can download Psycotic Pineapple's 45 "I Wanna Get Rid of You"
You can download Psycotic Pineapple's "Where's the Party" LP.

They used to have shows at the Silver Ball? Oh MAN!


john said...

Thanks for the plug, dude!
I just got back from playing in Poland and the Czech Republic.
Crazy rockers there!

john said...

Love your rendition of me, too!

Mr. Sean said...

Ha! Awesome! I was hoping you'd find this. Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS BAND!!! Had their 45 when i was 15.. wrote to and got a letter back from Pynoman in August 1980... just found that letter and it brought the memories back..