Monday, October 6, 2008

Philosophy & Theory

Word from the Wisdom Alliance (2/10, Emerald Hand, the Masked Men, etc)

BRAIN STORM: Cracking open your brain like an egg & scrambling it.
Gorillas & bananas.
Put a face on it.
Wear your weapons.
Self-haters will definitely be you haters.
Frankenstein & Pinocchio: separated at birth.
Do it by hand.
The only problem with garbage is that you don't want it. Make garbage people want & it's not a problem anymore.
Thriving sea-monkey colonies soothe the savage beast.
UFO Cereal.
Cereal boxes should transmit wisdom & knowledge.
Venture out into the fog & meet the wild hunt at the park of lost America.
I might be agreeing with Gary Panter about the well-lit milk bar thing.

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