Monday, January 4, 2010


The news. A combination of actual information & propaganda spun into an entertainment form in the guise of an altruistic "what's happening". Your news anchors or journalists should ultimately not matter because the information is what's important, right? As long as it's clear & correct. And yet, the news is an entertainment medium & so, you need to have entertaining news characters. I suggest that the most entertaining news anchors would be entirely fabricated characters like Max Headroom, Gary Gnu & the Muppet News Flash guy. This way you cut to the chase & accept that they are just talking heads & puppets of whoever is paying them. You can also then polish them up into perfect entertainment icons. Imagine if Rush Limbaugh, instead of being an "actual human" was instead a puppet, a caricature of whatever sort of personality they wanted to present. Of course, some people take themselves too seriously & are so dour & cold-hearted that they can't let themselves be entertained by an "actual puppet", so instead, they prefer a half human, half puppet hybrid in characters like Glen Beck & Keith Olbermann.

Max Headroom

Gary Gnu from the Great Space Coaster
Muppet News Flash

Chuck D famously called rap "The Black CNN", which is about as absurd of an idea as anyone could have & yet & yet, imagine if CNN was like this...
Which explains FOX news.

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