Monday, September 14, 2009

Tama-Re: The Golden City of weirdness

Maybe i was too busy obsessing over fake barf & switchblade combs or better, gin & razor-blades, but i somehow overlooked Tama-Re, the awesome Egypt-themed cult compound of Dwight York & his Nuwaubians. The whole thing is long gone now, shrouded in scandal, but it is exciting nevertheless.

"Not long after you’re pretty sure you’ve gone too far, roll up and over one last hill and the pyramids are right there. There’s a black one and a gold one, and a brown-faced sphinx facing the road, and a tall obelisk, and an arch-shaped gate decorated with ankhs and other hieroglyphs, through which runs a road lined with statues of mostly animal-headed deities, all brightly painted in primary colors. Farther back, up on the rise, is a recognizable one, Isis, with ebony skin and her winged arms spread. No level of expectation can dilute the surprise–you can’t believe what you’re seeing. Tama-Re, Egypt of the West, has that Magic Kingdom quality."

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