Friday, April 10, 2009


Finally saw Jubilee by Derek Jarman (1977). Queen Elizabeth the first is dimensionally travelled by reknowned occultist John Dee, who is a reoccurring figure in my life, so i should probably come to understand him better, into post-apocalyptic England 1977. The Punks have sided with the corporate elite (as portrayed by the Great Orlando) & are raising hell. Jarman is not sympathetic to Punk, but he is fascinated by it, or is friends with some of them, which i think is a better way to portray Punk anyhow. Having John Dee involved with this movie really makes the whole thing into a full-circle episode for me, in that a always saw Punk as a gateway or a ritual from one thing to another. It isn't designed to last, although it always will, true Punk will take someone & turn them into something else, not a Punk, but something else. One day, when i've got my own rinky-dink movie theatre i'll show it as a double feature with The Great Rock & Roll Swindle.

Jordan as Amyl Nitrate doing Rule Brittania.

Wayne Jayne County as Lounge Lizard. This little performance finally got me interested in Wayne County outside of his breaking of Dick Manitoba's nose.

“Afterwards, the film turned prophetic. Dr Dee’s vision came true—the streets burned in Brixton and Toxteth, Adam [Ant] was on Top of the Pops and signed up with Margaret Thatcher to sing at the Falklands Ball. They all sign up in one way or another.” ~Derek Jarman

Vivienne Westwood disliked the movie enough to create an "open T-shirt to Derek Jarman" with her review of the movie on it!

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