Friday, December 26, 2008


I love the concept of this Burger King produced movie, bringing burgers to people who have never had burgers in their lives, making them taste test between a Whopper & a Big Mac. BUT, the presentation is so... Koyanisqaatsi'd & This American Life'd out. If i made this movie, it would be hosted by Hulk Hogan or by the Banana Splits or Little Richard or something, they'd go in, shoot off fireworks, show that being American means strength & entertainment & dynamism & awesomeness all mixed together. It wouldn't be a taste test either, we'd use REAL burgers, not from those chains & it would be about the promotion of the concept of America as communicated by hamburgers.

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alchemyjen said...

I want you to make your hamburger movie. I completely agree!
I'm also excited to see Goblinko World Domination.