Saturday, November 29, 2008

Time Travelling Punk

I only knew Tenpole Tudor from the Great Rock & Roll Swindle but the other day i uncovered these total gems. What's the deal with Rockabilly & History Punk? These guys are all associated with Malcolm McLaren, so that's the connection, Bow Wow Wow & Culture Club as well. Time Travelling Punk. Unfortunately, i couldn't find a clip of the great scene from the Great Rock & Roll Swindle with Tudor doing "Who Killed Bambi?".

Tenpole Tudor - Wunderbar

I'm having a bit of a chicken & egg moment with Tenpole Tudor & the Adicts. Wunderbar & Viva La Revolution came out in the same year (1981) & corr blimey govner, but isn't there a striking similarity!? Both bands started around the same time as well.

The Adicts - Viva La Revolution

Tenpole Tudor - Swords of a Thousand Men

Speaking of Malcolm McLaren & the construction of bands & culture as packaged items, i'd argue that Punk was initially intended to be the next stage of Bubblegum Music as the Ramones might as well have been a constructed band, although they are cooler because they are were their own "masterminds", but they thought they were doing bubblegum & were influenced by the Bay City Rollers & the Sex Pistols were a concept band with a svengali & all that. Bubblegum from the dregs with swastikas & speed, but bubblegum just the same.

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